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  • Racing Fair News

    Reimbursements for Vanning from Bay Area Auxiliary Stabling Facilities

    to Fresno


    Summer 2014


    The purpose of this program is to encourage Thoroughbred horsemen with race-ready horses stabled at either Golden Gate Fields or Pleasanton to participate in racing conducted at the Fresno District Fair.? The proposed program could have a favorable impact on the number of starters and field size at Fresno Fair in 2014.? Funding will be capped at $30,000.? Results will be assessed and reported within 90 days after Fresno Fair.



    In order to qualify for a vanning reimbursement under this program, a horse must be stabled at either Golden Gate Fields or Pleasanton.? Horses stabled at any other facility including Fresno shall not be eligible for reimbursement.? Horse must ship to the participating Fairs between September 22, 2014, and October 13, 2014, enter to race and actually start in a race conducted at Fresno.? In order to be eligible for reimbursement payment, a horse must start subsequently at Golden Gate Fields no later than November 16, 2014.??? CARF will use the official ?Stable Gate In/Out? slips when determining qualification for reimbursement.? Stable Gate slips will be dated and time stamped.



    CARF will process any vanning reimbursement to owner?s account through Paymaster.? Said reimbursement will be in the amount of $150.00 per horse which has 1) shipped to Fresno on or between the above referenced dates; 2) started in at least one race at the Fresno meeting; and 3) started again in at least one race at a licensed race meeting in Northern California no later than November 16, 2014.? Reimbursement will be paid for the first 200 horses which meet all the criteria for payment.? Reimbursement will be paid no later than 60 days following the Fresno Fair racing meeting.


    Reimbursement to Track:

    CARF will submit one invoice each for reimbursement paid for vanning to Fresno Fair not to exceed $30,000 total.? Said invoice will include the name of each payee, qualified horse and the total amount that payee received.? Further detail including copies of Stable Gate slips and race results for all qualification races will be made available upon request of the Stabling and Vanning Committee.