2015 Alameda County Fair Racing

Alameda County Fair

4501 Pleasanton Avenue
Pleasanton, CA 94566
  • Switchboard:  (925) 426-7600
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Racing Info

Racing Dates:
June 18th - July 5th

2015 Alameda County Fair Executives

Track Officials & Administration
Jerome Hoban - Chief Executive Officer
Randy Magee - Chief Financial Officer
Jeanne Wasserman - Director of Racing
Larry Swartzlander - Director of Racing Oak Tree Racing Association
Bryan Wayte - Mutuel Manager
Dave Rodman/Frank Mirahmadi - Track Announcer
Frank Mirahmadi - Morning Line Maker
Ed Johnson - Maintenance Manager
Jim Burns - Stable/Track Superintendent
Pegasus Communications - Video Production
William Vassar - Track Photographer

Board of Stewards
Grant Baker
Darrel McHargue
Will Meyers
Vic Stauffer - Safety Steward

Racing Officials
Tom Doutrich - Racing Secretary
Linda Anderson - Assistant Racing Secretary
Tina Walker-Bryant - Cleark of Course, Thoroughbred
Dolores Collins - Clerk of Course, Emerging Breed
Victoria Layne - Paymaster
Cheryl White - Placing Judge
Matt Nichols - Placing Judge
Kenneth Sjordal - Clerk of Scales
Danny Winick - Assistant Clerk of Scales/Film Analyst
Ella Robinson - Paddock Judge/Patrol Judge
Lisa Jones - Patrol Judge
Kenny Fowler - Steward's Aide
Todd Stephens - Starter
Darrell Sparks - Horse Identifier
Jack Hammonds - Horseshoe Inspector
Melody Truitt - Clocker/Timer
Plusmic Corp, Inc. - Photo Finish
Don Dooley, DVM - CHRB Veterinarian
Sara Sporer DVM - Fitness/Track Veterinarian

Member, California Authority of Racing Fairs
Christopher Korby, Executive Director

2015 Alameda County Fair News and Current Events

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